Micko Disposable Vaporizer-400 puffs in Dubai

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You can choose from 13  flavors –

  • Mighty Mint
    Thai Phneapple
    Nuts Tabacco
    Blue Ice
    Lychee Ice
    Thai Mango
    Classic Tobacco

New Micko Disposable Vaporizer 400 Puffs are now available in Dubai UAE!

01.High-quality material:304 stainless steel, Original Japanese organic cotton coil. Keep rich flavor for more than 6 months.
02.Long-lasting: 1.8 ml capacity for the cartridge,310  mAh capacity for the battery. Support more than real 400 puffs.
03.Perfect flavor with big vapor

Micko Disposable Vaporizer 10 flavors –

Micko Disposable Vaporizer By Veiik

Micko Disposable Vaporizer By Veiik, is Integrating 310mAh built-in battery and 1.5ml pod capacity, the Veiik Micko Vaporizer is a new revolutionary pocket-friendly master piece with compact design and leak-proof engineering.

Constructed of high-quality stainless materials, the Veiik Micko Vaporizer is durable and comfortable in the hand with lightweight and pen-style portable design. Powered by 310mAh internal battery with 10W output, it enables to support up to Micko Disposable Vaporizer 400puffs although it’s small in size. As for the pod, the capacity is 1.5ml to meet your daily use. 10 pcs in each pack. Moreover, there are available in 10 flavors for your selections as follows:

Lychee Ice: contains 2% nicotine, the sweet lychee taste is mingled with rich fragrance which lingers in your mouth for full satisfaction.

Thai Mango: contains 2% nicotine, a perfectly balanced blend of mango that lingers in your mouth for full satisfaction.

Lemon Citron: contains 2% nicotine, a little bit of sweetness and sourness, giving you the feeling as the first love feeling.

Classic Tobacco: contain 2% nicotine, unique tobacco flavor is a premium blend of exquisitely enriched tobacco with flavorful vanilla ice cream.

Blue Ice: contains 2% nicotine, a perfect blend of sourness of blueberry with exciting ice taste to give you strong throat heat feeling.

Nuts Tobacco: contains 2% nicotine, integrating the secret tobacco flavor and unique nut taste to offer you special taste experience.

Watermelon: contains 2% nicotine, the sweet and fresh fragrance of summer which you can experience the flavor brought by watermelon.

Mung Bean Ice: contains 2% nicotine, a perfectly balanced blend of mango that delivers a fresh mango juice like taste with a cold sensation.

Thai Pineapple: contains 2% nicotine, a strong pineapple aroma to stimulate your buds that create an extremely fragrant taste aftertaste with each to inhale and exhale alike.

Mighty Mint: contains 2% nicotine, revitalizing your senses to new dimensions and stimulate the taste buds. It has the fresh, slightly and tangy fragrance with a strong menthol aroma.
cola ice;
energy drink

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10pc/pack, 1pc/pack


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